Australia the second or third time around

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So you've been once, and you've never forgotten it and it's made you wonder... What's the rest of it like? It's a 'Call' and your curiosity rises, and your memories of the adventure, the sunshine and the friendly people call you again. Air fares have never been so competitive, upgrades and stopovers so affordable. A three-week break from the old grind is not so much to ask for is it? And soon you're off--off on that huge 747 flight climbing high and heading off to the land of the Billabong tree!

Most first-time visitors' must-see places include Sydney, the Rock and the Reef--but what about second or third timers? I can show you an Australia as wonderful and exciting, and as different and diverse from your previous trip. And because you've been before, you'll settle in and feel at home within a few hours of arrival. That's what love affairs with Australia are all about!

My last visit to Australia was to the Bungle Bungles--a remote land form of striking beehive dome shapes in Purnululu National Park, Western Australia. They were only 'discovered' in 1983, yet they were formed over 360 million years ago. Their most striking feature is the tiger stripes on each dome--orange and black layers of sandstone with a protective iron oxide coating, giving its rusty look. Fascinating to all you geologists out there, and an amazing sight for us ordinary folk!

I spent just one day there, flying by small plane from Kununurra over Lake Argyle. The journey took an hour, and I realised just how remote and far away I was travelling, when gradually, far on the horizon, in the eerie grey mists, they loomed into sight. As we flew closer the shapes and colours became more distinguishable until there were thousands and thousands of domes as far as the eye could see. I was extremely lucky, there had been rain, and the gorges and waterfalls were clearly visible as we flew in dangerously close, to take our pictures.

We landed on a small airstrip and walked through the domes, close enough to touch them. The trails were easy and safe, and because of the recent rain the rivers were running and the gorges were filled. I couldn't resist the cold, clean, clear water and stood under the gushing waterfall in my underwear! It was wonderful! Lunch was salad and cold chicken, fresh melon and fruit--and it was delicious!

bungles broome perth 2006 025

All too soon we were waving goodbye to the Bungle Bungles and as I settle into my seat I imagined my footprints left behind in the muddy gorge are some of the first in 360 million years!

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