April 2024 – Canada and Sri Lanka

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04 April 2024 - Canada 25 April 2024 - Sri Lanka

April 2024 - This month we bring you two travel evenings!

Both very different, both equally exciting!


Canada - From east to west on Thursday 04 April 2024

Sri Lanka - The teardrop of India on Thursday 25 April 2024



Canada is our favourite destination! From the Atlantic Coasts of Newfoundland to the Pacific coast of Vancouver Island you will see so many changing landscapes, plains and Rocky Mountains, pass by your windows, train, bus, RV or car!

Enjoy food from every region, like clam chowder in Nova Scotia to thick juicy steaks in Alberta!

How will you see the best of your holiday to Canada? Well, you start with us – at our Canada Evening on 04 April 2024. We’ll show you the best of Canada, afterwards we’ll put together the best itinerary to give you the best price too!

If your idea of Canada is ‘I’m a lumberjack, and I’m okay’ then you really need to come! So don’t leave it to chance! Come to Hallmark Travel, your Canadian Specialist


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - a land of tea, tigers, and trains history plus heritage that you will learn with your guide - climb to the top of Sigiriya Rock and go down deep into Dambulla Caves. Buddhism is the main belief, a gentle and calm way of life, teaching to people to live good lives and think about Karma.

And don't forget the elephants! Sri Lanka's gentle giants, working to help the farmers, and enjoying their retirement in the elephant sanctuaries.

We would recommend a private guided tour, and then a beach stay to relax and soak up the culture that you have just experienced.

Find out all about Sri Lanka at our evening on Thursday 25 April 2024, by booking your place - 6pm at Hallmark Travel.

Won't you join us for both?

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