Alive in Death Valley (video clip)

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I wonder why they call it Death Valley?

Because it is, in fact, teeming with all sorts of life ~ plants, animals and insects ~ they’ve all evolved and adapted to live here … one of the hottest places on earth.

282 feet below sea level, and plains of flat salt marshes give Death Valley an eerie feel. One lonely highway stretches through the isolation, and the warning signs before you enter the National Park send chills down your spine: Make sure someone knows you are driving through the Park; take plenty of water; don’t overheat your car; keep in a low gear ~ but the journey is filled with fabulous landscapes and colours.

We actually stayed overnight here, at a ranch called Furnace Creek, just like cowboys we ate beans at the Saloon and went out for an early morning ride with the horses. The air was clear and crisp as we cantered through the valley, with the birds for company, and a big blue sky above us.

The Creek has a natural spring open-air swimming pool, with a constant temperature of 80°. We took to the mineral filled water to ease our horse-riding aches …. It was as good as any Shangri La Spa! No, it was even better!

I love visiting anywhere that takes me to extremes – the highest peak, the largest lake, the deepest canyon …. this is the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere and it’s just a couple of hours drive from Los Angeles …. a memory to keep and savour forever.

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