Alaska: the last frontier

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Three years agoIMG_0092 I sailed a small ship on the "pan handle" of the state of Alaska. I have dreamed ever since of going back to that far corner of the world, and in June my wish came true. This time I travelled from Anchorage to Fairbanks on the historic Alaska Railroad.

Forget cities and sophistication, forget hurry and worry, but keep your spirit of adventure, your love of wide wide open spaces, peace, quiet, wilderness and beauty!
The Railroad follows a trail through Denali National Park and stops conveniently at points where we stayed over to relax and enjoy our surroundings. At Talkeetna we stayed in a charming bed and breakIMG_0072fast, the peaks of Mt McKinley on the distant horizon. You can see the snow capped tops for miles. The train is a wonderful way to travel--comfortable dome cars, informative commentary and a delicious restaurant! All the while Alaska's breathtaking scenery is unfolding all around you. We stayed a couple of days at Denali, just walking and enjoying the fresh air! Early mornings and early nights were the order of the day.

Overhead Mt McKinley stood magnificently above us. We took a light aircraft ride and flew as close to her as we dared. The snow at the top was like whipped ice cream and I was enthralled at the greatness of Nature.

Our journey came to an end in Fairbanks, where we waved goodbye to the train, blowing its whistle and wishing us well. From here we hired a car and took the road south back to Anchorage. We spent a couple of days in Anchorage. There is a wonderful museum and some curios shops to visIMG_0157it. But my love of Alaska has to be the numerous glaciers, each different, the waterfalls and lakes. I've never seen such colours and reflections anywhere else in the world. And Denali Park--moose,
bears, eagles--how lucky they are to call this place home!

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