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Cho Lon Saigon, a Photogenic Experience - Visiting the historic district of Cho Lon and getting a chance to see the backstreets and local life.

This tour is for all photography aficionados. Beginner level or advanced photographer: this tour will bring you to the best spots at the right time of the day for you to take the best shot. Beginners will learn how to get the most out of their camera. It is also possible to join the tour without taking pictures as there is plenty to see and experience.

Tour Overview: In Saigon, a half day guided tour

You will be transferred from your hotel to District 5, the Chinese quarter also known as Cho Lon. The photo tour starts at Binh Tay Market, the bulk goods market used by Saigon’s smaller market and street vendors.

Stop at the photogenic Thien Hau Pagoda. With hundreds of smoking incense sticks, the Pagoda offers excellent opportunities for photos. Explore the small hidden alleys and capture the lively local street life. Away from the tourist trail, pass by different themed streets and narrow alleys, home to a diverse array of goods grouped by theme such as fabrics, houseware and apothecary street stalls.

Walk the Rail Tracks of Hanoi

Start with a train journey to explore another side of Hanoi on foot, see the local life and shops along the way with your local guide.

Tour Overview: In Hanoi, a half day guided tour

Start your tour between the rails a few metres north of Hanoi’s main station. Walk along the very narrow streets where the rails are sometimes not even a metre away from the entrance of the houses!

Enjoy the scenic walk along the streets on a route that loops back to the station, where you will enjoy a train ride back to base.

Pedal and Paddle in Hoi An

In this tour you will explore the riverside village of Tra Nhieu by bike and boat with a local family. You will learn how they earn a living making sleeping mats and see a demonstration. Then join the farmer raking and turning the soil and planting the rice seedlings.

Tour Overview: in Hoi An, a full day, guided tour

After meeting your tour guide, hop on your bike and pedal your way along the winding village paths and shady pathways past houses and gardens. Visit some of the local cottage industries to see the production of traditional handicrafts including bamboo furniture and rice paper.

A short boat trip brings you to the village of Cam Thanh, a tranquil oasis of intricate, nya-palm waterways and mangrove forests. Climb into a traditional round basket boat, still used by the local fisherman in the area, and paddle through the underwater nya-palm forest.

Then continue cycling through the scenic countryside, stop at a farmer’s house in Cam Thanh village and enjoy local Vietnamese food cooked from the fresh ingredients from the farm.

After lunch, you will learn about rice production, a main staple in the Vietnamese diet. You can wade into the rice paddies, roll up your sleeves and trousers and try planting rice seedlings. Next you will be taught milling with very basic tools which the Vietnamese have used for hundreds of years. After your great local experience, it’s time to say goodbye and cycle back to town.

In the Footsteps of a Culinary Connoisseur

This overnight tour introduces you to the lively and fresh flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. You will visit the restaurant that the American chef Anthony Bourdain used to frequent on his visits to Hanoi and take cooking lessons from one of the most highly praised chefs in the city.

Try grilled honey chicken, praised as the very best in Vietnam! Learn to cook spring rolls and green papaya salad in the traditional home of Anh Tuyet, the famous Vietnamese culinary artisan. Discover the city’s thriving street food scene and sample some tasty snacks and soups.

Overview: In Hanoi, 2 days, 1-night tour, guided

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