Our Holiday to Costa Rica

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Our Holiday to Costa Rica by Michelle Hearne

The wonderful thing about booking our holiday to Costa Rica with Hallmark Travel and Rainbow Tours is that every step of the way we were looked after - and that is no mean feat during a pandemic. Thank you so much. It was such a lovely way to travel with 2 young children, it reduced the stress levels to greeted by friendly drivers who made sure we arrived at each of our destinations safely.

The first week was more rustic when you really felt immersed in the rainforest of Toutuguero and all the wonderous wildlife it held, from spider and howler monkeys, to river dolphins and caiman crocodiles. The only way to travel was by boat to visit the National Park.

spider monkey

Then the second half of the holiday was travelling down to Manuel Antonio where we were treated to a 5 star hotel. We were treated so well and the facilities were first class. The weather was less humid with glorious sunshine in the morning and clouding over in the afternoon. At around 5 p.m. the wild life around the hotel seemed to wake up! We were visited by spider monkeys, capuchin monkeys and squirrel monkeys, there was a resident sloth (with her baby) and the macaws took flight as wells as the vultures.

Best of all our balcony seemed to be in prime position for the monkeys to visit. On one occasion Dave was standing on the balcony telling us he had spotted a capuchin monkey in the tree and didn't hear us whispering that there was one sitting on the rail right next to him! He gave out a yelp when finely looked around!


Such wonderful beaches to visit!

We can't wait to visit Costa Rica again - truly a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much.


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